Is the state or your refrigerator causing you inconvenience and extra food waste because of clutter or mess? Here are some practical tips to make the task of keeping it clean and tidy more manageable.

  • Define a specific area for leftovers. Try to keep it up front, centrally located, or where you can easily see them so you remember to eat what’s there instead of leaving it to get out-of-date. Put your leftovers in the same type of stackable containers to make it easier to keep them together. Rectangular or square–shaped containers utilize the same space more effectively.
  • Use a large spinning tray that has multiple shelves for convenient access to jarred items.
  • Place a small holder or bin filled with healthy snacks on a shelf within easy reach for you and your family to nibble on any time. Keep it well stocked with variety in mind.
  • Keep unwashed produce in recyclable “green” bags or to lengthen their freshness and keep your fruit and vegetable bins cleaner and free of bacteria. Another tip for ideal freshness is to use bags made with moisture vents in them. At the grocery store make an effort to choose the freshest products available. Bag them as soon as possible, placing place only one type of produce in each bag.
  • Cover the bottom of your drawers with paper towels to absorb drips or spillage. Replace them as soon as necessary.
  • When your refrigerator is getting empty, rather than full, is the time to clean it. It will take less time and be more trouble-free.
  • Save yourself extra work and wipe up sticky material off of container before you place them back in the refrigerator.

Keeping your refrigerator more organized and cleaner is much easier if you take advantage of these simple tips. You will save on waste and spending more time than you need to on future clean-ups too. Remember, regular maintenance is always less hassle than catching up. The longer you put it off, the bigger the mess gets.

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